Fear of the dentist is common. If your anxiety stops you from going to the dental office, even if you feel that something is wrong, consider these tips.


Talk to a dentist.

It may sound counterintuitive, but your dentist and their team are there to help. They understand that some patients feel uncomfortable about dental visits.


If you have been avoiding dental appointments, ask your contacts for recommendations. You may have friends or relatives with dental fears, yet are able to visit their dentist regularly.


Once you find someone that you feel comfortable with, talk to them about what makes you feel anxious. Think of your first visit as an opportunity to meet the staff and have a feel of the office environment.


Choose an early appointment.

Prevent yourself from dwelling on your fears. Choose the earliest appointment so you don’t spend the entire day thinking about it.


Don’t feel pressured about doing any treatment on your first visit. If it helps, get someone to accompany you. Your dentist and their team members won’t mind if it’ll make you feel more comfortable.


Learn about sedation options.

Your dentist may recommend certain sedation options so you can receive the treatment you need. They will also work with you in creating a custom treatment plan.


You can start with simple procedures that you need, such as fillings, and then work your way up to more extensive ones.


Establish a sign with your dentist so they’ll know when you want the procedure to stop. Your dental team wants to ensure you’re comfortable and will help you feel more in control.


Think about other things.

If the thought of being in the dental chair makes you feel uneasy, think about other matters while waiting for your name to be called.


Play virtual games, listen to your favourite music, or talk to your friends about a holiday trip or get-together plans.


Manage Your Fears with Help from Your Dental Team

The more you get to know your dental team and once you have already established trust and rapport with them, the easier it’ll be to show up for your appointments.


The longer you delay that dental visit, the more serious an oral health issue can get. Remember, it’s okay to tell your dentist that you’re nervous.  So don’t let your fears keep you from going to the dental office, especially when you feel that something is wrong.