Black triangles, also known as open gingival embrasures, form between the two front teeth. Not all gaps between teeth are unhealthy. Some can occur naturally, such as diastema.

Black triangles are called such as you can see the dark space behind the teeth. There are more reasons why they occur. Listed below are some of them:


  • Receding gums
  • Gum injury
  • Bone loss
  • Aggressive flossing and brushing
  • Tooth infections
  • Poor dental work


Having gaps between teeth can impact your oral health. Food debris can get stuck, attract bacterial growth, and result in gum inflammation. While there are patients that are happy with their gap tooth, some aren’t. If you would like to fix your black triangles, your dental team can help.


Ways to Address Black Triangles

If black triangles are left untreated, they can worsen and cause the gums to recede further. If the black triangle is minor or small, it can help to improve your oral hygiene habits. Don’t miss your routine hygiene and checkups so your dental team can monitor the status of your teeth.


If the problem involves gum issues or periodontal diseases, your dentist may refer you to a specialist for treatment. You can also look into dental veneers and dental bonding to correct the issue. The empty space will be covered using a material that’s color-matched to your tooth.


Can You Prevent Black Triangles?

Black triangles, per se, can’t be avoided as some people are predisposed to them. You may have black triangles if your gum tissues are thin or you have triangular-shaped teeth. However, there are ways on how you can reduce the risk of gum recession and gum diseases.


By maintaining good oral hygiene habits and looking after your mouth, you can keep your gums in good condition. If there’s anything unusual with your gums or mouth, such as increased sensitivity, excessive bleeding, or swelling, don’t be shy to discuss it with your dentist.


Which Dental Treatment Should You Choose to Improve Your Smile

Here at Altima Port Hope Dental, we let our patients decide which treatment they want to proceed with.


If you’re concerned about your black triangle, we can examine your mouth and recommend suitable options. But, you’ll never be obligated to undergo treatments.


Our team of dental professionals helps you achieve the smile you want, when you’re ready and at your own pace.


So, are you ready to see a dentist today? Contact us to schedule an appointment.